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Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki is a fierce financial educator (I had to google fierce to be sure that I’m using it the right way), a synonym for fierce is savage, which is currently trending and which I prefer. So let me rephrase.

Robert Kiyosaki is a savage financial educator (felt good to use that word). He taught me about good debt and bad debt.


Simply put, good debt is money you spend on purchasing something that puts money back in your pocket, either immediately or in the long run e.g money spent on advertising, buying a car for the purpose of becoming an Uber rider, paying for your boyfriend’s education because you believe he’s going to hammer and marry you in the future (did you see the feminist thing I did there?), buying a printer for your business or office (not your home!), renting 3-bedroom flat and then letting out two of the rooms at a fairly higher price, etc

Because I am not a dictionary and I am not Google, I’ll simply say that bad debt is the opposite. Examples of bad debt include calling that bobo for 56mins in the name of love, bobo that does not add kobo to your life and does not even satisfy you in bed (are you high on codeine?), subscribing for DSTV (if you know, you know), buying a range rover, paying 3k to watch Infinity War, etc.. you sha get abi? if it doesn’t add money or value that translates to money, my brethren, it is bad debt.

Robert’s example of a bad debt is Student Loans. He makes a good point when you look at it from his angle, but that is not what this post is about.

This post is about the quality of education we I received as an undergraduate. Specifically, it’s about the quality and relevance of BUS 101 and BUS 201, courses which I was subjected to take as an engineering student.

Given our learning pattern of craming, I barely even remember details of what I was taught ( I passed the course, obviously). I remember the litany of principles I was forced to cram,  Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs, Henri Fayol management principle, and my lecturer’s principle of making us purchase her book.

I don’t want to take too much of your time so i’ll just say it already.

I wish the BUS courses taught me the principle of CASHFLOW. I mean, have you seen Robert’s Financial Statement models for the Paychecker and the Paycheckee?


In my opinion, that’s like the most important financial education every graduate should leave school with and guess what? it was omitted. ‘Omitted’ is rather a nice way to put it, I bet the teachers do not even have knowledge of this.

Our world is changing on a per second basis, the people are changing as well, adapting to the ever changing world, even the plants adapt to a change in the direction of sunlight.

Why isn’t our curriculum changing? Why teach the same thing, the same way to different generations? In spite of the Federal Government and NPE’s claim that they have revised our education system to be more functional, vocational and entrepreneurial, the system remains what it was 30years ago: Go to school, have good grades, get a good job but don’t be creative, don’t be proactive , follow the rules.

I just can’t stop wondering what BUS 101 and 201 and done for me, like how has it elped me? Do you know please tell me, I’ll also like to know how university education has helped you. For me it was an opportunity to make great friends, learn human interaction and other informal lessons.

So my parents paid huge chunks of money to the university for 5years and they end up with a liability who does not know how to make money, checks and balances?

I may not have taken student loan(s) but I am tempted to say that the ‘school fees’ expenses my parents incurred are bad debt.

Why? Simply because Nigerian parents are training you so that you can train them. My mother always says nne zucha nwa, nwa azuwa nne. Thus if at the end of the day, after graduation, you go back home and wait for employment (as we are taught in school) and you cannot even afford to pay for the internet data you are using to read this post, of what use is your education?

Bad debt! And later now, somebody will comma be calling us #lazynigerianyouths😞😞😞

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