It’s been one year!!! Where the hell have I been, really?  I wish i could answer that


Do dreams really come true?

Yesterday evening, I had a conversation with someone that reminded me of everything I wanted to be. I believed they were achieve-able then, while I was still dreaming. I’m not sure if I believe anymore.

I’ve realised I’m not the script-writer but the role player in this movie of life.

I wrote this one for him. Enjoy!


“Marcus!”    My voice is breathless and disappointed.

The traitor is unshaken. He gives me a nod, one that seems more like a sneer to me.

The sleeping woman beside him stirs. Marcus licks her face sweetly, too sweetly she smiles sleepily and rewards him with a hug.


This time my voice is not breathless and disappointed. It screams. It wakes her up . I enjoy watching her wake up. First she stirs, then she moans- my favourite part-  after which she  rises and stretches.

Marcus jumps down and races towards me. I catch him. He licks my face sweetly, with a hunger that reminds me of the woman. Why is she not jumping at me too?

“Big boy, I missed you too but I missed her most” I say and quickly direct my attention to the woman who is now standing in front of me: big eyes, wide smile. I place my mouth on hers and eat her words, kissing her with more hunger and sweetness than even Marcus could supply. She kisses me back, matching my hunger, her sweetness overwhelms mine.

We are force to pause and draw air because Marcus is pulling at her robe with his teeth.  She bends briefly and kisses him on the cheek. He gives me this mischievous look that says ‘I just stole your kiss ’, what a traitor!

“Ah! I see the both of you have been cheating on me in my absence” I say.

I’m sincerely amused and angry at Marcus for interrupting our business.  She beams at me, flashing small white teeth. Then she bends again, gathers the offending dog into her arms, sits on the bed and starts patting him. He seems to be enjoying it because he cuddles even more tightly.

“Isn’t that why we got him? To keep me warm while you are away. He’s been a faithful dog so far, doesn’t work late nights and doesn’t travel on business trips.”

“Ah! is that the matter?”  

She eyes me just before she kisses Marcus softly. I stand there and watch her, watch him. He watches me back with the same I-just-stole-your-kiss look. I can’t believe he is enjoying my woman, with no remorse.  The traitor of a dog, I wonder what possessed me to bring him into my home.

As if on cue the TV goes on signalling the arrival of electricity. Marcus jumps down hurriedly and heads for the sitting room. He likes TV. He likes my wife too.

She is still sitting on the bed, looking straight into my eyes. God, I missed this woman. I know she missed me. I know she wants me too. Her eyes say it all but they are also full of accusations. She mentioned them some minutes back; I work too much, travel too much. She wants more of my time.

I take off my blazer and join her on the bed. I would accommodate her more in my life. I would spend more time with her. And I’ll sack Marcus!

Song of the day: One Direction – one thing

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