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It was a good movie but I’d rather talk about another movie, Mistresses.

In Mistresses, when Harry left Savi, she was shattered. She got the house but it was too big for her, not only to sleep in but to maintain. She could not fix the tap/shower, could not get the grocery….etc. They used to be Harry’s call before he left her. She was used to her co-dependent existence with him and after so many years of marriage, buying grocery became a great task to accomplish. She eventually got around it, with help from Dominic though.

This post is not about this movie either, you can download the three seasons to find out more about Savi, Harry and Dominic.

It’s been exactly two months since I got out of my co-dependent relationship with my friends at school. Although we promised to maintain a long-distance relationship, it really does suck and never really works out well except for the lucky few. I’ve never been married before but I can relate to how savi felt after the divorce. I feel like I just came out of a good marriage and I’m lost on how to fix the sink, buy grocery, pay the bills and other stuff the husband used to do.

Who was my husband? Oh, I was polygamous, polyandry is what they call it. I had several of them for several purposes, but some of them were very special.

I had the ones I called when I was heartbroken and needed some comfort or more like someone to listen to me curse and curse about the heart-breaker.

I had one who I could gossip with, we’d hate people together for no just course and we were open to judging people.

One of my husbands I married for the purpose of motivation, some who drives me to do things beyond my limits. That one I like listening to talk about life, school, money and just anything.

I’m attracted to handy people. A husband with a craft is sexy as hell. So when I have broken things to fix, there’s this husband of mine that’s always willing and the best part is I don’t have to bribe or pay or even cajole. My hero and the reason I’m writing this post. I miss husband fix-it so much.

Husband tell-all always lends a listening ear and wants one back in return. While telling-all I bear in mind that I’m probably telling two other people whom tell-all will mistakenly mention my secrets to. One needs to have their dirty linen in public once in a while and I’m lucky to have tell all. For many other reasons I’m really lucky to have tell-all in my life.

I recently married a new husband but our honeymoon was abruptly cut short. One thing about this particular husband is that he laughs at my dullest of jokes. A partner who is intelligent, good looking, reliable, God fearing and as a plus laughs at your dumbest jokes is very rare.

I was lucky to have these beautiful people during my five years journey in the university. Bagging a degree was a great achievement but meeting them, sharing with them, getting angry at them, vexing them is an experience I will cherish quite as much as I cherish my degree, maybe even more.

It wasn’t a bitter divorce although I took some of their properties like their John Grisham novel and their red bow tie. They took my modem and made a mess of it, I cracked their phone and took some money, they took mine too. We didn’t sit to discuss the terms of the divorce so the properties were unevenly shared. Nevertheless we were happy to be leaving each other because it was an important step in our lives.

The summary is that I miss these people. I feel I’m too old to remarry, to make new friends but I already have made a few promising contacts. Graduation is awesome because you get separated from the books for a while but it sucks because you get separated from important people for almost forever.

You guys know yourselves, (I’m not a user) but I miss you for what you do for me, for having my back always.

Compliments of the Season People!!!

A Perfect Christmas Story is coming your way soon….

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