A long walk to freedom

I’ve been away for too long. I can’t come up with any reasonable explanation on why I went MIA for a year, yet here I am, the prodigal blogger.

I have so much to share with the world, with you guys out there. I created this blog for one reason only; to be heard. Just when I was beginning to gather an audience, I fled. It all started with Procrastination. As you have observed, I’m a storyteller/writer. I usually find it easier to communicate with stories. If I’m to advise you to raise your head high when all else seems to be falling apart, I’ll write a story with that theme and expect you to pick out the moral lesson. If I want to tell you how my day went I’ll write a story about it and let you put the pieces together.

My point is, I love telling stories and they seem to love me back seeing as I get inspiration very often and very easily. I could be lying on my bed watching a fly cruise around my room and get an inspiration. Once it comes, the story begins to weave itself in my head. My responsibility is to find a computer or a paper and put it down. That’s what I used to do and in a day I could have like three stories down. What I do nowadays is…let me explain it using a cycle diagram.

That’s pretty much how I ended up not posting even a single word for a year. I kept telling myself it was my academics that was holding me back and I would resume blogging as soon as I’m done with school. When I’m in the middle of a movie, say Game of Thrones, I would receive a divine inspiration to write a blog post. Unfortunately, it (the inspiration) would end up in the pipeline of unwritten stories/untapped inspirations because I’m supposedly paying more attention to my engineering studies. Which was a big lie, seeing as I was in the middle of a series of five seasons and fifty episodes.However, it was a good lie because it served it’s evil purpose.

I have friends who often need a write up; an address, a good will message, a story, a proposal, a policy and what not. Although I complained each time I was asked, it was their requests for write ups that kept me in the business of writing  and I have them to thank.

My talent was in a phase, middle age crises. I’m grateful to God for letting me keep the talent even though I buried it for a while. I’m grateful to my friends who believe in me and wouldn’t stop tormenting me until they see me back on track. I’m grateful to you my readers, no matter how few. I have a dream for this blog and I hope you’ll still be around when it comes into realization.

I always thought of school as a captor because I didn’t study what I wanted. But now, I have bagged my degree I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s a brand new day with many promises for me, for you, for us.


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